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Manitou Cactus Shop (Photos - March 2007)

Manitou Cactus I had some spare time while visiting the Colorado Springs area and I paid a visit to the Manitou Cactus Shop in Manitou Springs, Colorado. I frequently visited this place when I lived in this town and I am very proud of how this photo came out! ;)
Mammillaria Petterssonii There were quite a few cacti I had never seen before. This one is called Mammillaria Petterssonii.
Mammillaria Occidentalis Mammillaria Occidentalis
Notocactus Neobuenekeri Notocactus Neobuenekeri
Notocactus Apricus Notocactus Apricus - I would think the deep kelly green shade of the cactus skin and the clovers would have made this quite an item on St. Patrick's Day! ;)
Not sure of the name of this one, but it's in the Notocactus family.
Look at this! This succulent was blooming these beautiful pink flowers!

-Photos and captions by Steve Garufi. His Twitter page: @SteveGarufi.

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