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Cactus Blooms

Cactus Flowers
Cactus Flowers

B&B Cactus Farm - Tucson, AZ
B&B Cactus Farm

Landscape Cacti
Landscape Cacti

Large Golden Barrel Cactus
Golden Barrel Cactus

Jodi Visits Tucson, Arizona
Arizona Photos

Florence Junction, Arizona
Florence Junction, AZ

Arizona Barrel Flowers
Cactus Flowers

Desert Botanic Garden
Desert Botanical Garden

Arizona Desert

New Mexico Prickly Pear

Gates Pass in Tucson
Gates Pass Gates Pass in Tucson Mountain Park is a great place to enjoy the variety of cactus and plant life ... View Photos

Mammillaria Parkinsonii
Mammillaria Parkinsonii It looks simply like a gray donut, but the official name is Mammillaria Parkinsoii ... View Photos

Desert Beauty In Tucson, Arizona
Joel Smith takes a walk through the greenery and tundra of a Tucson desert after a series of rainstorms had passed through ... View Photos

Mountain Ball Cactus
I was out snapping photos of Mt. Princeton in Colorado, when I realized wild cacti blooming on the ground ... View Photos

Blooming Cactus Photos!
Blooming Cacti A photo collection of blooming cacti with beautiful pink and yellow blossoms ... View Photos

The Noisy Desert In Tucson
Tucson, ArizonaDave Ortiz writes about his childhood memory of the hot and noisy Tucson desert while he lived in Phoenix, Arizona ... Read More

Matted Cactus Art
Cactus Art Tanya, an artist in Bellevue, Washington, submitted a photo of her matted cactus art. It looks pretty nice! ... Read More

Wasting Water in Arizona!
Water, our precious resource in Arizona, is being wasted in all sorts of irresponsible ways. Joel Smith, an advocate for Arizona desert preservation writes about what's happening ... Read Article

Saguaro Sunset
Saguaro Sunset Joel Smith captured a beautiful "saguaro sunset" last night in Tucson Mountain Park in Tucson, Arizona ... View Photo

"Flowering Agave" - El Paso, TX
Flowering Agave Jack in El Paso, Texas submitted this photo of a stunningly beautiful flowering agave (joke) ... View Photo

Gray Old Man Cactus
Oh what ageism this is! Enjoy this cactus submission of the "Old Man Cactus" with grayish thorns ... View Photo

Cactus Word Search!
Enjoy a handwritten word search that's themed on cacti! If you love cacti and enjoy completing word searches, you're in luck ... Enjoy Puzzle

Visit To The Cactus Shop
Steve in Colorado submitted this pictorial of his visit to a local cactus shop in Manitou Springs. This squash-shaped cactus is especially interesting, isn't it? ... View Pictures

Blooming Summer Prickly Pears

Beautiful blooming prickly pear cacti were spotted and photographed this past summer in Castlewood Canyon near Denver. Bright yellow flowers came from the wild plants ... View Photos


Phoenix Web Cam

Arizona Web Cam
This web cam with a view of Camelback Mountain from downtown Phoenix is provided by Phoenix Region Visibility Web Camera.

Welcome to Cactus Lovers!
Cactus Lovers is a modest corner of the Internet for cactus enthusiasts. Do you love cacti and succulents? Are you passionate about the deserts of the Southwest? You will feel right at home here! If you have cactus care questions, please visit our Cactus Forum.

Yuma, Arizona

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tucson, Arizona

Guadalupe Mountains, Texas
Photographer Sean Kennedy visited the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas and captured pretty images of cacti ... View Photos

Cactus For Sale
Spring is here and nurseries are offering a wide variety of cacti for sale. At Mt. Garfield Greenhouses, the selection of retail cactus ranges from ... See More

Large Clusters of Saguaros
21 spectacular photos of saguaros and desert landscapes taken near Superior, Arizona. The Sonoran Desert comes alive with so much variety of cacti ... View Photos

20 Cactus & Desert Scenes
Steve Garufi rode his bicycle 2,600 miles across America, and being such a cactus lover, he submitted all 20 of his cactus photos from his ride ... View Photos

Antique Cactus Book
An antique book printed in 1891 titled Hints On Cacti by a Philadelphia cactus greenhouse and distributor. This book was generously donated and is not for sale. On this page are ten photos from the 112 page book that offer cactus names and care tips for over 700 varieties of cacti and succulents ... View Photos

Cereus Validus Flowers
The latest highlight of Martin's cactus garden are his blooming cereus validus cacti. This is a very beautiful flower that looks exotic ... View Photos

Bach's Cactus Nursery
Tom in Chandler, AZ visited Bach's cactus nursery, a large commercial and retail cactus grower ... View Photos

18 Cactus Plants
A Tucson gardener bought 26 new cactus plants with longer, nastier thorns that will hopefully discourage the local javelinas from eating them ... View Photos

Cactus Flower At Night
If you love cactus flowers, the queen of the night cactus blooming at night is probably the most spectacular. Enjoy Martin's six photos ... View Photos

Spring Cactus Flowers
Martin snapped photos of every cactus in bloom in his Tucson backyard cactus garden ... View Photos

Cheryl's Tucson Vacation
Cheryl Monaghan vacationed in Tucson and submitted 14 photos of various cactus plants and Arizona desert scenes ... View Photos

Six Tucson Saguaros
Martin Molina in Tucson displays six of his best saguaro photos from his "cactus hunts" in the Arizona desert ... View Photos

Spring In The Arizona Desert
The temperatures are warming up in southern Arizona. Joel Smith in Tucson snap photos of the signs of spring in the desert ... View Photos

Tucson Hikes
Over a six day period, Joel went on six hikes throughout the Tucson, Arizona area. What beautiful photos! ... View Photos

Tucson Mountain Park
Tucson resident Joel couldn't keep himself inside on such a wonderful February day. He wandered in the Tucson Mountains and snapped pictures ... View Photos

Coyote Mountain Wilderness
Joel and a friend wander in a remote desert region near the Tohono O'odham Reservation in southern Arizona. His photos are amazing!... View Photos

Koht Kohl Hill - Pima County, AZ
Koht Kohl Hill is located in Pima County in an area that is becoming part of northwest Tucson, thanks to sprawl ... View Photos

Autumn In The Tucson Desert
Autumn has arrived in the deserts outside of Tucson. The temperatures are consistenly below 100 degrees. Enjoy this celebration of saguaros! ... View Photos

Rincon Mountain Foothills
Joel wandered in the lush Arizona desert east of Tucson at the base of the Rincon Mountains. Nice pictures Joel! ... View Photos

Tucson Cactus Rescue (August 2008)
The group loosely known as the "Tucson Cactus Rescue" were up early on Saturday to save various cacti that would otherwise be bulldozed over by impending Tucson development. Enjoy Joel's photos of the Arizona desert floor ... View Photos

Retail Cactus In New Jersey
New Jersey is on the very opposite end of the country from Arizona and the deserts of the Southwest. Still, I captured some photos of cacti at a local garden center ... View Photos

Walk Along San Pedro River
Joel Smith went on an adventurous Arizona desert hike by walking along and sometimes IN the San Pedro River in SE Arizona ... View Photos

Steve's Collection - Six Cacti
I thought it was time to give an update on the six cacti I take care of that sit on my computer desk. Five of the six are doing well ... View Photos

Phoenix Oasis - Desert Botanic Garden
Phoenix, Arizona might have the feel of a very busy and bustling city, but the non-profit Desert Botanic Garden provides an oasis of desert plants that one can enjoy ... View Photos

Two Days In The Arizona Desert
Peter in Tempe, AZ spent much of his weekend wandering in the desert, particularly near Wickenburg and Florence. He came up with some beautiful Arizona desert and cactus photos ... View Photos

New Year's Cactus Kiss
Steve, the webmaster, kissed this thorny cactus to kick off the New Year as friends looked on in wonderment. The spirit of Arizona and wide open deserts is alive and well for this Colorado man ... View Photos

Tucson Desert Wandering
Tucson Desert Joel wandered about a lush desert in Tucson, Arizona and came up with some great photos ... View Photos

Saguaro National Park East
Arizona Photos Brandi took advantage of a cool summer morning and hiked in Saguaro National Park East in Tucson ... View Photos

Arizona "The Land I Love"
Southern Arizona Joel in Tucson reflects on his love of the deserts of southern Arizona. Amazing Arizona scenery photos are included as well ... Read More

"Queen Of The Night" Cactus
Queen of the Night Cactus Joel goes on a hunt to find a "Queen of the Night" cactus in a desert area in southeast Tucson ... View Photos

23 Saguaros - Slide Show
Saguaro If you love saguaros, check out this slide show! Steve went through his photos and produced 23 more shots of saguaros from his Arizona trip ... View Photos

Organ Pipe Cactus Gallery
Organ Pipe Cactus Enjoy a photo gallery of every picture of organ pipe cacti taken during Steve's visit to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument ... View Photos

Another Tall Saguaro!
Tall Saguaro Check out this really tall saguaro we spotted in southern Arizona. It was the tallest I've ever seen ... View Photos

Tall Saguaro Photo Collection
Large Saguaro Steve became endeared with a very large saguaro in southern Arizona and shows off his picture collection ... View Photos

A Tucson Nursery
Tucson Nursery Joel and Steve visit the Mesquite Valley Growers Nursery in Tucson to see their cacti ... View Photos

Organ Pipe National Monument
Arizona Adventure Joel traveled the long drive from Tucson to Organ Pipe National Monument and shows his best Arizona scenery shots ... Read More

Tucson's Saguaro National East
Saguaro National East, Tucson Arizona Saguaro National Park East in Tucson, Arizona is a glorious place if you love the desert ... Read More

Colorful Grafted Cacti
Grafted Cacti Cactus Lovers generally frowns upon the practice of grafting cacti for mere aesthetics. Yet if colorful grafted cacti is your liking, check this out ... View Pictures

Kiss A Cactus?! Yikes!
Steve Garufi in Colorado submitted photos of him kissing cacti. Steve seems a little "out there" (to be tactful), but we nevertheless appreciate his amusing article and photos ... Read More

"The Road West"
Organ Pipe National Monument

The dry, vast and scenic desert of Arizona southern Arizona comes alive when journalist Joel Smith wanders throughout Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument ... Read Story

Tucson Xmas Decorations!
Christmas is coming soon to Tucson, Arizona! Enjoy this pictorial of front lawn Christmas decorations in Tucson neighborhoods ... View Photos


Kissing a Cactus

B&B Cactus Farm

Tall Saguaro

Saguaro National Park West

Paul's 20 Year Cactus Collection

Large Saguaro in Carefree, AZ

Cactus Music

Hiking Ajo Mountain
(Organ Pipe National Monument)

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